Passengers with Reduced mobility (PRM)

Charles de Gaulle Airport offers assistance for passengers whose mobility is reduced due to disability or age.

Please make sure to book the PRM service at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight.
The most convenient way to do this is to inform your airline at the moment of purchasing flight tickets – either at the airline’s office, on its website, or at the travel agency servicing you.

Service available free of charge.

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Plan your journey

Please notify your airline or travel agent of your needs with as much information as possible regarding the level of assistance required.
To enable the necessary preparations, please indicate the nature of your disability when you make your booking :

WCHR (Wheelchair Ramp)

You are able to walk short distances and climb stairs.
For longer distances you need a wheelchair and the appropriate assistance.

WCHS (Wheelchair Steps)

You are able to walk short distances, but cannot climb steps.
For longer distances you need a wheelchair and the appropriate assistance.

WCHC (Wheelchair Carry)

You need a wheelchair at all times and are also dependent on assistance on board the aircraft.

BLND (Blind)

You are blind or visually impaired and require assistance during your journey.

DEAF (Deaf)

You are deaf, hearing-impaired or deaf-mute and require assistance during your journey.

MAAS Elderly (Meet and Assist Elderly)

Your mobility is reduced due to age and you require assistance during your journey.

DPNA (Disabled Passenger Needs Assistance)

Disabled passenger with intellectual or developmental disability requiring assistance.


On arrival (at the airport)

After landing, you should receive assistance within 10 minutes.

The maximum waiting time never exceeds 30 minutes, except for passengers who have not booked service in advance, waiting times are generally between 30-45 minutes.

■ Relax in your seat until the other passengers have left the aircraft and wait for the cabin crew’s instructions.

■ Your assistant will be waiting for you at the end of the passenger bridge.
If you also require assistance with getting out of the aircraft, staff will either board the plane or wait at the aircraft door.
If you are able to use your own wheelchair exclusively, staff will retrieve it from the hold and bring it to you.

■ Your assistant will guide you to the right baggage belt and help you collect your baggage.

■ Your assistant will guide you to the drop-off-point in the arrival hall.
The drop-off-points are signposted using standard pictograms and have seats.
You can arrange for someone to collect you from here or continue on your way via routes with disabled access.


On departure (at the airport)

Always verify the check-in times for your airline in advance.

Ensure check-in is completed at the check-in counter at least 60 minutes prior to the flight’s check-In deadline.

■ Proceed to “Paris Aéroport” pick-up-points located near the entrances to the terminals or report directly to your airline’s check-in desk.
If necessary, your assistant will have a wheelchair then help you at the check-in.

■ Your assistant will accompany you to the aircraft via security check & border check (Non-Schengen flights).