VAT Tax Refund


You can claim back, under certain conditions, the sales tax (VAT) on any purchases made in the European Union during your stay :

• Non-European Union resident
• Over 16
• Claiming for transactions over €175 including VAT
• Purchase goods from a retailer displaying the Tax Free Shopping sign
• Purchase tourist goods
• Transport the goods back to your country of residence by yourself

How to claim Tax Refund ?

From your retailer

At the check-out, the shop assistant will ask you to provide proof that you are a visitor to the EU. 
You will need to show your passport or other identity document proving your residence outside the EU.
The shop assistant will ask you to fill in a Tax Free form with the necessary details.
You’ll must show the invoice, the refund form, the goods and any other necessary documents to the customs officers of the last EU country you leave.

At the airport

Allow extra time at the airport to complete the VAT reclaim process.
Proceed at a French Customs desk when you arrive at the airport for your return journey.
Do this before checking in your baggage, before security, and ensure you have the items and documents with you for inspection.
After security, you can bring the validated Tax Free form to a “Travelex” store for an instant cash refund.

Tax refund self-service kiosks
In case you have a Tax Free form displaying PABLO logo, you can have your goods stamped at any PABLO barcode reader,
there is no need to contact Customs !
PABLO barcode readers are located near to Customs desks.

1- Select your language
2- Scan the bar code on your form
3- Obtain Customs approval !
A green screen will appear with the message ″OK, form valid″.

French Customs (Douane) at the airport

Open during flight operation hours.

Terminal 1
CDGVAL Level, Hall 6
Terminal 2A
Exit 5
Terminal 2C
Exit 4
Terminal 2E
Departures Level, Exit 8
Terminal 2F
Arrivals Level, Exit 10
Terminal 3
Departures, after passport control

Please call 0811 20 44 44 (within France) or + 33 1 72 40 78 50 (from abroad) for information.