Liquids Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport

Liquids in hand luggage

Can you bring liquids on a plane ?
Learn about the Liquids rule 100ml. at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

Note that all liquids must be taken out of your hand baggage before going through security screening.
Articles which do not comply with security regulations will be confiscated.

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Liquids rule

You are allowed to carry small quantities of liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols in your hand luggage under the following conditions :

  • In containers with a maximum size of 100ml. each.
  • Placed in transparent 1 litre zip-lock bag able to close properly with all the items inside.
  • One bag per person.

In containers with a maximum size of 100ml. each

Placed in a transparent sealable plastic bag (max. size of 1 litre)

Liquids subject to restrictions

The following items are classified as liquids that are subject to carry-on restrictions, so please review this list in advance.

  • These liquids will be confiscated if they exceed 100 ml. (liquid products of more than 100ml. must be carried in your checked baggage).
  • Present your liquids separately from other hand luggage for screening at security.


such as water, soft drinks, soups, syrups, shampoo, etc...


such as moisturiser, skin care, suntan lotion, etc...


such as shower gel, hair gels, lip gloss, etc...


such as toothpaste, honey, soft cheese, mustard, yogurt, etc...


such as deodorant, hair spray, shaving foam, etc...

Liquids accepted with no restriction

Liquid items larger than 100ml can sometimes travel with you…
Exemptions apply for duty-free liquids, medicines, medical products and baby products that you may need during the flight.

Baby food or baby milk

Liquid medicines with evidence that you need medicines for your journey

Duty-free liquids carried in a sealed security bag with proof of purchase