Luggage storage at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport

Store baggage and luggage items for few hours or few days.
Service operated by ″Bagages du Monde″.

All items are subject to security checks, including X-ray screening and random hand searches.
Please note, for security reasons there are no lockers for storing luggage at the airport.

Where to find baggage storage ?

The left luggage facility office is located in terminal 2, beside the TGV-RER Railway station (opposite Sheraton Hotel).

Charges & Schedule

06:00-21:30 daily

 0 to 6h = 7 €
 6h to 12h = 14 €
24h = 17 €
For day 2, 3 and 4 (per 24h) = 9 €/per item/24h
Starting on day 5 = 7 €/24h, whatever the number of luggage