Services & Facilities Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport

For your comfort and convenience.
A-Z guide to terminal facilities at CDG airport, to learn more please see below.

You can use the airport maps to locate precisely services and facilities in terminals.


Companies like ″La Conciergerie″ or ″Net Services″ provide Meet and Greet services at Charles de Gaulle airport, by reservation only :
– Transfer to Paris or between airports (CDG/Orly)
– Escort through the airport on departure, arrival or any connecting flights
– Luggage collection

Air France also provides special assistance and services to customers at Paris-Charles de Gaulle :
please call at +33 (0)1 72 95 00 77 from Monday through Friday (08:00 AM to 09:00 PM CET) and Saturday (08:00 AM to 08:00 PM CET).

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Baby care & Children

There are baby change areas in each terminal, both before and after security control.
Many are located inside the toilet blocks.

Free strollers can be found in terminal 2E after security.

There’s plenty of pre-flight fun and entertainment for your children including Playstation terminals in all boarding lounges.


Baggage trolleys are provided for your use free of charge.

Baggage and luggage items can be stored for a few hours or up to 90 days.
Left luggage/baggage storage facility is located in terminal 2, near the TGV-RER railway station.
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Safe Bag provide security baggage wrapping services from their facilities :

Terminal 1
CDGVAL level + Departures level (Exit 30 + between Exit 12-14)
Terminal 2A
Close to Exit 8
Terminal 2C
Exit 14 + close to Exit 10
Terminal 2D
Between Exit 8-9
Terminal 2E
Departures level, close to Exit 3-5 + Exit 14
Terminal 2F
Departures level, close to Exit 6
Terminal 3
Departures hall

There is no official porter service at CDG,
nevertheless, some companies do offer a customized assistance service for a fee, by reservation only (see Assistance).

Bank & Cash machines

HSBC CDG Airport branch is located close to the TGV railway station (Level 4, opposite Sheraton Hotel), terminal 2.
Open Monday to Friday, from 08:45 to 17:00.

Cash dispensers (ATMs) are available in every terminal.


Bureaux de Change are available to change money or cash in your VAT-refund forms which have already been stamped.

Terminal 1
Landside at CDGVAL level (Hall 6), Departures level (behind Hall 1), Arrivals level (Exit 32)
Airside, between Satellites 1 & 4
Terminal 2A
Landside Exit 5 + Airside
Terminal 2C
Landside Exit 12 + Airside
Terminal 2D
Landside Exit 6 + Airside
Terminal 2E
Landside, Departures level Exit 3-4 + Airside (including baggage claim area)
Terminal 2F
Landside, Departures level, close to Exit 11-12 + Airside

Airport & Tourist Information

″Aéroports de Paris″ information desks provide information and guides, maps of the airport, tourist information,…
Open every day between the first and the last flight, the information desks are located in every terminal, in the departure and arrival halls.

Terminal 1
Departures level, Exit 2 + Arrivals level, Exit 36
Terminal 2A
Exit 6
Terminal 2C
Exit 6
Terminal 2D
Exit 6
Terminal 2E
Departures level, Exit 6 + Arrivals level, Exit 8
Terminal 2F
Departures level, Exit 7 + Arrivals level, Exit 8
Terminal 2G
Main hall
Terminal 3
Departures hall

″Tourisme Information″ booths are available to help you, whether you need to book a hotel or get information on tourist activities and services.

Terminal 1
Arrivals level, Exit 4, 07:15-22:00 daily
Terminal 2C
Exit 5, 07:30-14:30 daily
Terminal 2D
Exit 7, 08:00-22:30 daily
Terminal 2E
Arrivals level, Exit 11, 07:15-22:00 daily
Terminal 2F
Arrivals level, Exit 11, 07:15-22:00 daily

Internet, Wifi

There’s free Wi-Fi available throughout CDG Airport terminals.
Just choose ″WIFI-Airport″ and follow the on-screen instructions.

• There are pay-as-you-go computer desks with broadband access in every terminal.
• Most Airline lounges offer complimentary internet.

Lost & Found

Looking for your lost property ?
We’ll help you find it, please click below :
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Mail, Post Office (La Poste)

You’ll find mail boxes before and after security in each terminal.
The airport Post Offices are located :

Terminal 1
CDGVAL level
Terminal 2
Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2-TGV railway station (level 3)

Medical help, Pharmacy

″Aéroports de Paris″ medical center attends emergencies and general medical examinations 24/7.
Located terminal 2F (Arrivals level) Exit 17.
Tel : 01 48 62 28 01

Over-the-counter medicines and treatments can be bought.

Terminal 1
• CDGVAL level (public area), 08:00-19:30 daily
Tel : 01 48 62 24 10
Terminal 2A/B/C/D
• Terminal 2C (public area), 06:00-22:00 daily

Tel : 01 48 62 62 00
Terminal 2E
• Departures level (public area), 06:00-22:00 daily
Tel : 01 48 16 58 58

Prayer Rooms

There are multi-faith prayer rooms in terminal 1, at CDGVAL level ; terminal 2, at Espace Service level.

Smoking Areas

According to the law, CDG is a smoke-free airport.
However, smoking is permitted in designated areas located airside (after security).

Telephone, SIM Cards

You can buy SIM cards for mobile phones in all ″Relay″ shops, available in each terminal.