Driving to Charles de Gaulle airport

Three terminals at Charles de Gaulle airport.
If you are not sure which terminal you need visit our terminal info page.

Charles de Gaulle airport is 26 km (16 miles) north-east of Paris, reachable by the following roads :

A1 Motorway to/from Paris (Porte de la Chapelle) + Lille, Brussels.
A3 Motorway to/from Paris (Porte de Bagnolet).
A104 to/from Marne-la-vallée (Disneyland Resort) + A4 Motorway.
D104 to/from Cergy-Pontoise
N102 to/from Paris (Porte de la Villette) + Soissons, Laon.

Allow 30 minutes to an hour for a trip between central Paris and De Gaulle airport.
Check traffic conditions in order to reach the airport on time.


CDG has three terminals, terminal 2 consists of seven sub-terminals (2A to 2G).

Follow the appropriate direction signs as you approach the airport :
• To terminals (for setting down/picking-up passengers and convenient parking)
– Follow the signs ″Terminal 1″ or ″Terminal 2″ or ″Terminal 3″.
• To long term car parks
– Follow the signs ″PR″ or ″PX″ ; ″Terminal 2A″ for P AB ; ″Terminal 2G″ for PW ; ″Terminal 3″ for P3 Résa.
• To TGV railway station
– Follow the signs ″Terminal 2″ and/or ″Gare CDG 2″.

Airport Parking

Convenient : a short distance from the terminal entrance and check-in area.
Start at 6 €, recommended for stays of up to 3 hours.
Economy : long stay remote car parks.
Suitable for all travellers going away for a couple of days or more.

Drop off & pick up areas (″Dépose-minute″) are ideal for collecting and setting down passengers who want quick and easy access to the terminal building.
Follow the ″Dépose minute″ signs, you can park in front of each terminal (up to 10 minutes free of charge).

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Hire car return

Terminal 1 : follow the signs ″Terminal 1″ + ″Parc P1″.
Terminal 2 : follow the signs ″Terminal 2″ + ″Parc P EF″.
Terminal 3 : proceed to terminal 1 (Parc P1).

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