N1 Inter-terminal shuttle bus

N1 route connects terminals 2A, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F + TGV-RER-CDGVAL + PW car park.
Free service is provided approximately every 8-10 minutes from 04:00 to 01:30, every 15 minutes from 01:3 to 04:00.

Journey time takes approx 15 minutes from terminal 2E to 2F via the PW car park.
Prefer the pedestrian walkway between 2E and 2F (at Arrivals level).

Where to catch N1 shuttle bus ?

Terminal 2AExit 5
Terminal 2CExit 11
Terminal 2DExit 6
Terminal 2EExit 16 (Departures level)
Terminal 2FExit 2 (Departures level)